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No more news :o)
After not maintaining the news page for a year and a half I have decided jo just keep a simple log of companies I am working with instead, as that was really what the news were all about anyway.
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Get high quality writing without the hassles of bringing permanent staff onboard. I'm a one person power tool that gets the job done.

The main focus of is software documentation - right from API-documentation and developer tutorials through to end user manuals and online help. However, I take on most projects that involve communicating complexity in writing - if any of this sounds familiar, I can probably help you out:

  • Your developer documentation is sparse, unstructured and mostly out of date - you need someone to write code snippets and coherent tutorials on how to use your API.  » get help
  • You want to look into single-sourcing, but the market seems overwhelming and you don't know where to start.  » get help
  • Your application is getting ready to ship, and now your customers are asking for an online help system to come with it.  » get help
  • You need to describe your product to a non-technical audience » get help

Contact me and let's have a closer chat about what I can do for you.

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